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Welcome to DI Skin Hospital and Research Center (DISHARC) Pvt. Ltd, the first hospital for skin diseases in Nepal. Initiated by some of the leading dermatologists of the country in collaboration with doctors of other specialties, hospital management professionals, lawyers, social workers, information technology experts and businessmen, DISHARC aims to provide universal access to affordable and quality skin care services.
               "Skin diseases are not life threatening but life ruining.” R... Read more

Why This Clinic?

DI Skin Hospital And Research Center (DISHARC) is the first skin hopsital of Nepal. Almost all minimum facilities are available regarding skin, hair and nail diesases. Our hospital is the center of excellence in skin, hair and nail speciality.... Read more

OPD Consulation

Our staff will arrange your consultation with the available doctor on duty. If you wish to consult a doctor of your choice, you may consult our reception staff to arrange an appointment. We will try our best to arrange a suitable time for you depending on the doctor’s appointment schedule.

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Dermatosurgery (Skin surgery) can be performed for the treatment of numerous conditions. Please consult your doctor for further details and decide on the best available option for treatment.

Lasers and Light therapy

Lasers are machines which deliver amplified light of specific wavelengths, which can be used to treat many skin conditions such as birthmarks, Nevi (Moles & birthmarks), tattoos (Tattoo removal), excessive hair growth (Hair reduction) and scars.

Other Services

1. General Medicine with Diabetic Clinic
2. Laboratory Services
3. Educational Services
4. Connunity Health Education and Services by Telehealth
5. ECG Services
6. Pharmacy

DISHARC has a wide range of skin care options, from skin treatments to surgery procedures. Learn more


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