1. General medicine with diabetes clinic:

Along with dermatology consultation patient can also consult our Physicians for general and diabetes clinic. In order to facilitate and make patient at ease there are flexible OPD hours…. There are several cases where we need opinions from physicians and delay or incomplete management due to lack of such services can be prevented. Hence our aim is to have a multi-departmental management of each and every patient without much trouble to the patients.

2. Laboratory Services:

At our centre we also provide laboratory services for various routine and special tests. Our team of Consultant pathologist and paramedics are capable of providing quality services.

  • LIST of lab tests that we do:……………
  • SERUM ALLERGY TEST: Patients with long term allergies can test for the most common 80types of allergens including food items, plants, dust mites etc… with a single blood sample provided.
  • Skin biopsy & Histopathological report: skin biopsy is a diagnostic tool for various dermatological cases which can be done by our team of dermatologist and pathologist.

3. Community health education and services by telehealth:

DISHARC in cooperation with….  are providing dermatology services out of the valley. We have set up telehealth clinic where patients can get consultation  with our dermatologists. Prescribed medication are then distributed by a health worker accordingly…. (can add detail from the study in the

4. ECG services:

If ECG is required for the patient they can avail this service at DISHARC. There is no need to look for and run around for several routine and basic services. ECG with reporting will be provided efficiently by our consultant physicians.

5. Pharmacy:

We have our own pharmacy with a group of very friendly and trained pharmacists providing care. They will dispatch the prescribed medication along with additional information regarding the use of medications whenever required.